Bambule Kino #6: The Antifascists

The Antifascists (Antifascisterna), Dokumentarfilm von 2017.

A low-intensity war is being fought on the streets of Europe and the aim is on fascism. This critically acclaimed documentary takes us behind the masks of the militants called antifascists. In 2013 a group of armed nazis attacks a peaceful demonstration in Stockholm where several people are injured. In Greece the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn becomes the third largest in the election and in Malmö the activist Showan Shattak and his friends are attacked by a group of nazis with knives and he ends up in a coma. In this portrait of the antifascists in Greece and Sweden we get to meet key figures that explain their view on their radical politics but also to question the level their own violence and militancy.

Regie von Patrik Öberg, Emil Ramos.

Laufzeit: 75 Minuten

Sprache: OmU

Der Film wird vor Beginn kritisch eingeordnet.

Sonntag, 10.12., 19:00 im Anarchistischen Infoladen.

Bambule Kino ist eine Kooperation der Gruppe CAT und dem OAT-Marburg. Gemeinsam zeigen wir alle zwei Monate im Anarchistischen Infoladen einen Film zu verschiedenen Kämpfen.